Vinnies & Rosies Oblate Youth – Friday 9th August

The senior students of Mazenod marked their commitment to action during ‘Homelessness Week’, 4th -10th August with the annual Winter Sleepout.

Drawing on the legacy of the three previous sleepouts, Social Justice captains Sam Warner and Matthew Yong along with the Vinnies Conference students and SRC reps from YR 10 planned and facilitated the event. They recruited their peers, discussed ideas and considered logistics. A team of YR 11 & YR 12 students joined us at the event to offer additional guidance and assistance to staff and students.

The students were engaged in a range of activities based on the ‘See’, ‘Think’, ‘Do’ framework of social justice. These included celebrating the Eucharist; listening to guest speakers; evaluating their options when budgeting on a financial allowance; considering the range of reasons why people might become homeless; competing in trivia and understanding the role they can play in performing many small actions that accumulate to form part of social change. We were all reminded that ‘treating people with dignity has to be at the centre of our concerns – and that is often done by sharing not just our skills, money or talent but our humanity and, in doing so, we re-discover what it means to be human.’ (Caritas Australia, 2010)

Thanks to all staff who attended and assisted with the event and to parents and families for their support.

We trust the students who ‘left nothing undared’ by participating in this event slept well in their own homes on Saturday night. They had been challenged by the learning, unlearning and re-learning associated with the complex issue of homelessness and can now put that into action through donations to our appeal.

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