Challenging talented students.

The Enhancement program at Mazenod College aims to identify our most able students and provide them with an opportunity to engage in immersive, challenging learning across a variety of subject areas. These include - but are not limited to - English, Mathematics, History, STEM and Music, starting with Year 7 and continuing through to the VCE. Students are selected through a combination of standardised testing, teacher recommendation and elective choice, and are then placed on a pathway to accelerated outcomes in Senior School. For example, a student undertaking Enhancement History in Year 7 is on a pathway that culminates in completing VCE History 3 and 4 (Year 12 equivalent) in Year 11.

Enhancing the way we think.

The program has a long-established tradition of helping students achieve strong outcomes in their chosen subject areas, with classroom experts in place to broaden subject-specific thinking and expand students' range of capabilities to best suit the demands of Senior academic performance. The curriculum content of Enhancement subjects is tailored to stretch students of high ability and to keep them engaged and focused during their time as secondary learners. Mazenod College places great importance on the holistic development of young people and recognises that the second most at-risk group of students in secondary education is the gifted and talented cohort, in terms of school refusal and socio emotional wellbeing. As such, the Enhancement program was established to help the aforementioned students of high ability achieve their considerable potential through engagement and learning outcomes built on personalisation and differentiation, not simply more content."

Year 7
Years 8 & 9
Years 10-12

Year 7

In Year 7 students identified as having exceptional talent in a particular area are withdrawn from timetabled classes once per week to attend enhancement lessons with a dedicated enhancement teacher.

These programs are limited to:

  • General Enhancement (with a focus on English)
  • Mathematics
  • History

Students studying a musical instrument also engage in an enhancement music program, in which their classroom music lessons are spent playing in ensembles.

Years 8 & 9

Year 8 sees a continuation of the Year 7 Enhancement programs in General, Mathematics, and History, with the inclusion of STEM Robotics. The STEM Robotics program sees students attending after school classes in which they are exposed to programming, drone technology, design, and arcade machine construction.

Years 10-12

In Years 10-12, Enhancement expands to a much greater number of faculty areas and students are invited to apply for subjects in which they are particularly strong. Of these programs, seven faculties then offer the opportunity to accelerate into a Year 12 (Unit 3&4) subject in Year 11. In most years, the College sees approximately 150 Year 11 students complete a Unit 3&4 subject in Year 11, and 50 students complete two Unit 3&4 studies. The table below outlines the enhancement programs in Years 10-12.

Year 10 Year 11 Year 12
Religious Education
Youth Ministry Religious Education
Religion & Society 3 & 4
University Enhancement: Philosophy
Religious Education
VCE VET Christian Ministry & Theology 3 & 4
Enhancement Mathematics
Mathematical Methods 1 & 2
Mathematical Methods 3 & 4
Specialist Mathematics 1 & 2
Specialist Mathematics 3 & 4
Enhancement English
English Language 1 & 2 or
English Language 3 & 4 or
Literature 1 & 2
Literature 3 & 4
VCE History 1 & 2
History Revolutions 3 & 4
Global Politics 3 & 4
Digital Technology
Software Development: Foundation & Extension
Software Development 3 & 4
University Enhancement: Information Technology
Instrumental Music Program
Instrumental Music Program
Instrumental Music Program
Music Foundation & Extension
Music Contemporary Performance 3 & 4
Music Inquiry 3 & 4
Enhancement Science and Enhancement Biology
Biology 3 & 4
University Enhancement: Biology
Enhancement Business Management
Business Management 3 & 4
Health & Physical Education
Enhancement Physical Education
Physical Education 3 & 4
VCE Japanese 1 & 2 or
Japanese 3 & 4 or
VCE Chinese Culture & Society 1 & 2 or
Chinese Culture & Society 3 & 4 or
VCE Italian 1 & 2
Italian 3 & 4