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With a staff of qualified teacher librarians and library technicians, the library plays an integral role as an innovative and flexible learning commons focused on the needs of the College community. At any time of the day, one can find our young men engaged in casual reading, private academic research, chess games, and study circles in our state-of-the-art Library.

Library Collections


The College has a rich culture of reading supported by collaboration between library staff and English teachers. Regular reading classes for students in Year 7 to Year 9 provide opportunities to read from a broad range of literature specifically selected to appeal to adolescents. A program of visiting authors and an annual literature festival contribute to making reading a lifestyle at Mazenod College. Students are also encouraged to participate in the annual Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge.

Book Club is open to all students and meets every Tuesday. The opportunity to share and discuss reading enjoyment is popular with students and valuable in overcoming the lapse of interest that can accompany adolescence. Literature excursions and morning tea with visiting authors is a highlight for Book Club members.

Library Collections

The collection consists of a wide-ranging selection of physical and digital resources. New material is constantly being purchased to fulfill curriculum requirements and to maintain an attractive recreational reading collection of new and relevant novels and non-fiction titles. The library collection supports the curriculum by providing resources to complement the teaching program. The extensive Sora Digital Library is stocked with titles that can be downloaded.

Students have access to a range of digital cameras, recorders and other tools. Electronic encyclopedias, newspaper and academic databases, and eBook resources are accessible from school or home via the Library Homepage. Students can also access digital videos through the Clickview Digital Video Library via their individual school login.

Library Open Times

Monday to Thursday: 8.00am - 4.30pm
Friday: 8.00am - 3.30pm

Supervised Study Hall: 4.00 - 7.00pm for Year 11 & 12 students.
Supervised by qualified teachers, Study Hall is located in the library and is provided to assist students to manage their academic workload and maintain good study habits.

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