Strengthening relationships between the College, parents and students.

The Mazenod Parents and Friends Association is a vibrant and dynamic group of parents and carers who are dedicated and committed to supporting the College. The Association has been in operation since the inception of the College and has made significant contributions to both College resources and the welfare of our students. They offer social contacts, as well as involvement, in important aspects of College life. The Association is a handy point of contact at Open Days for prospective parents to gain insight into current parents’ experience of the school. All parents are encouraged to be involved and be part of the Mazenod community.

The Association is a wonderful opportunity for parents and friends to actively engage with the College, strengthening the relationships between the College, parents, and students. We believe parent support is vital and all are invited to become members of the Association, giving parents a practical and valuable role in the education of their sons and in the advancement of Mazenod College. The Association appreciates the busyness of being a parent and is happy with any level of commitment – there are many ways to be involved.

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