Strengthening relationships between the College, parents/carers and students.

The Mazenod Parents & Friends Association is a vibrant and dynamic group of parents and carers who are dedicated and committed to supporting the College. The Association strives to achieve two main goals - to build community and allow for parent/carer engagement; and to strengthen the relationship between the College, parents/carers, and students.

We run various social functions and support the school in many and varied ways. We believe parent/carer support is vital and all are invited to become active members, giving parents/carers a practical and valuable role in the education of their sons and in the advancement of Mazenod College. We appreciate the busyness of being a parent and are happy with any level of commitment - there are many ways to be involved!

If you would like to join the Parents & Friends Association please fill in your details below. We look forward to meeting you!

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