Reconnecting, reminiscing and socialising.

Mazenod College Former Staff Association (FSA) was established in 2019 in response to an emerging need for former staff to be able to re-connect with the College, establish connections with former colleagues and reacquaint themselves with the College in its present capacity.

As many years have passed for so many former staff, most news comes to the College via ‘word-of-mouth’ and can often be incorrect.

So, in keeping with the words of Eugene De Mazenod, a group of interested staff united to establish this association. Our aim is simple; establish a spreadsheet to register former staff, allow access for those former staff to view the spreadsheet for contact purposes, establish social functions allowing former and present staff to reacquaint with each other.

The major benefit that the committee sees is that former staff who have lost contact with each other can have an opportunity to meet initially at a casual social event sponsored by the College, then annually as the word spreads.

For many, the expansion of the College buildings, facilities, grounds, student offerings and student activities will be amazing.

For many, catching up with old colleagues will be entertaining.

For many, just returning to College to see the changes will be interesting.

For many, seeing the changes to the teaching conditions will be rewarding.

We will be attempting to contact as many former staff as possible, so if you are still in touch with any, please ask them to fill out the form below to update their details.

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