"Come now, and learn from us what you are in the eyes of faith."

A charism is a spirituality – an attempt by a person or group to meet and experience the presence of God. The Holy Spirit animates, renews, and continually gives life to the Church in Christ in such a way that it can always accomplish more fully its mission of being a sign of unity for the entire human race.

In post French Revolution France, Eugene de Mazenod emerged as a person who allowed himself to be led by the Spirit and became the Spirit’s instrument to raise up the Church in a new way with the charism of evangelizing the poor. He said in his first sermon in 1813: “Come now, and learn from us what you are in the eyes of faith.” Our tangible missionary work gives us the conviction that an Oblate spirituality continues in this present day.

The de Mazenod charism suggests that "wherever we work, our mission is especially to those people whose condition cries out for salvation and for the hope which only Jesus Christ can fully bring." The Canonisation of Eugene de Mazenod on December 3, 1995, confirms the relevance of the Oblate spirituality within the Church with its five characteristics: being a missionary, an option for the poor, making the Cross of Christ central, making apostolic community, and having the Blessed Virgin Mary as its patroness.

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