The measure of accomplishment for a Speech Night should not be based on duration, but one of the goals set for Speech Night 2022 – Celebrate and Inspire, was to make the evening more pungent and relevant to all members of the College Community. You did not have to be an award recipient, a musician or a valedictorian to find the evening relevant and inspiring. The fact that it concluded in less than two hours did not go unnoticed but the evening still highlighted the talents of our musicians, set an award standard of academic achievement that hopefully, in the future, all students will find aspirational. The top ten academic performers at each year level were acknowledged on the evening. During assemblies and special events throughout the year, many more students at the respective year levels were acknowledged for Academic Excellence, Christian Leadership and Determination and Persistence. The Spirit of The Oblate Awards considered the contribution all students made to college life in 2022. Staff had the difficult task of narrowing the many worthy recipients to five students at each year level.

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