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House Volleyball Championship

Tuesday, 30 Apr 2024

Continuing with the development of Mazenod's Volleyball program, a new House Volleyball Championship took place last week, with legendary Mazenod Volleyball former staff members, Joe Moore and Damien Schumann, in attendance to present the Joe Moore Medal to the Grand Final MVP, and the Damien Schumann Shield to the victorious house.

Before the Grand Final was underway, Damien shared some words of encouragement with our budding volleyballers, defining his journey and giving hope to those students that want to achieve greatness.

Damien proclaimed, "I went from not making the Year 7 Volleyball team and being told I'd never be able to play for Australia, to being top ten in the world and winning a Commonwealth Games gold medal."

When discussing his mentality in the face of such adversity, Damien stated that "giving it everything you have is really, really important because looking back with disappointment is okay, but looking back with regret is really hard."

We congratulate Grandin house on their victory, with special congrats to Cian Mujie (Year 8) on his Grand Final MVP award, and thank Joe and Damien for their remarkable commitment and efforts!

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