As it approaches the end of year, we would like to celebrate all the efforts of our students during 2020 in the Visual Arts. These Virtual Exhibitions cover all classes across Studio Art, Art, Visual Communication Design and Digital Arts ranging from year 7 through to the VCE Art Exhibition (which wasn’t able to run as a result of Covid-19). Please see the links below.

The fact that many of these projects ran remotely and students have managed to achieve this during the most difficult of circumstances, away from the Design/Art Studio, makes their accomplishments truly remarkable.

Year 7 Art:

Year 8 Art:

Year 8 VCD:

Year 9 VCD:

Year 9 Art:

Year 9 Digital Arts:

Year 10 VCD:

Year 10 Art:

Year 10 Spiritual Art:

Year 11 VCD:

Year 11 Studio Arts:

Year 12 VCD:

Year 12 Studio Arts:

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