On Tuesday the 13th of September, one hundred and fifty students, and ten music staff were involved with the ACCent on Music concert that was held at Hamer Hall. The students had been rehearsing their pieces for months and had had the opportunity to play with the students from other ACC Colleges throughout the year.

Sunday the 11th of September, saw Mazenod host 650 staff and students, from all the associated Catholic Colleges, for a final three-hour practice that allowed the musicians the opportunity to perfect and hone their playing skills.

Mazenod College Students take a break at Melbourne Art Centre whilst rehearsing for the ACC’s ACCent on Music

Though Tuesday, the day of the performance, was a long day for all involved, (the boys were bused to Hamer Hall at 7.30am in the morning and would not have returned to the College until after 10pm) the experience was one that they will never forget. To have the opportunity to perform in the most prestigious venue that Melbourne possesses is every musician’s dream.

Mazenod is extremely proud of the music department and the hundreds of students who learn and play an instrument, their efforts are always impressive. We are also blessed to have such talented and dedicated music staff and it would be remiss not to mention them by name; Julie Burgess, Kate Gould, Solvei Jankowski, Alex Kesser, Doug Leutchford, Eugenie Lyons, George Melitsis, Peter Nguyen, Tom Pankridge, Leela Sharma, Peter Sheridan, Simon Stuart, Ashton Vas, Cate Waugh, Meg Waugh, Christopher Lee and Bob Millar.

Paddy McKenna, CEO of the Associated Catholic Colleges, should be congratulated on his efforts and those of his staff. This event, held every three years, is a massive undertaking and the logistics in bringing this to fruition are enormous. To allow the students of all ACC schools the opportunity to show off their talents and to create a forum where students can form friendships across schools is a testament to Paddy’s desire to create a truly outstanding Association.

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