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Join the MOCA Business Directory

The MOCA Business Directory enables community connectivity and helps MOCA to grow the capacity in the amount of support and opportunities to be provided to the Mazenod Community.

Choose your listing type

  1MOCA Members Listing 2MOCA Life Membership + MOCA Members Listing 3Mazenod Community listing
Upfront Cost $110.00 $220.00 $200.00
Ongoing Cost $110.00pa $110.00pa $200.00pa
MOCA Life Membership n/a
Increased Online Presence
  • Get access to people who trust the Mazenod name and are looking for businesses
  • Be found online, 66% of consumers will not visit a business they cannot find online
Improve Local and Mazenod visibility
  • Increase the amount of people know about your business through the listing
  • Increase awareness to the Mazenod community (8000+ Old Collegians’, Mazenod Sporting Clubs’ & Parents’)
Strengthen reputation
  • People know the values you represent through the Mazenod name
  • Recommended by MOCA
Assist in MOCA initiatives
  • Helps MOCA implement more awareness over their brand
  • Assists in MOCA achieving their goals
Cost Effective
  • More cost effective than other directories that charge at close to $50 per month
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*MOCA Business Directory memberships are recurring, and will continue until cancelled through the membership management system, or in writing to Mazenod College reserves the right to cancel or disapprove any memberships.

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