Mazenod Old Collegians Association (MOCA)


The Mazenod Old Collegians’ Association (MOCA) was formed with a view to provide opportunities for former students to maintain contact with each other and with the College as they make their way through life.

The Association is run by a Committee made up of former students who have committed themselves to building membership numbers from students who have graduated from Mazenod in the past as well as providing opportunities for the re-establishment of connections which may have faded over the years.

The establishment of MOCA allows Mazenod old boys the opportunity to help others as part of a large group of like-minded individuals. It has also committed funds to charitable endeavours and hopes to become active in the area of mentoring current students as well as recent graduates by creating a network of willing old boys in a wide range of professions, trades and other areas of expertise.

The Association is open to all of Mazenod’s past students as well as their parents and other friends of the College.



MOCA Business Directory

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