Leadership is a very important element in any school and student leadership is crucial. It is always more than just wearing a badge.

The college invests a significant amount of time in selecting the Prefect Body of the college. The best understanding of leadership that I have seen is that a leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. They have knowledge, action, and inspiration. The “way” in a Catholic College is via Jesus who said he was the “Way, the Truth and the Life”.

Student Leadership structure for 2020

College Captain – Dylan Peiris

College Vice-Captains – David Botros, Roque Rosario, Ronan Fernandez


College Prefects – Terrance A’Hearn, Amos Duckett, Noah Alwyn, Noah Andrews, Noah Crasto, Matthew Lewis, Gavin Liyanage, Dylan Ly, Francesco Mandarino, Harry Minack, Maneth Nagodavithana, Rishi Nagpal, Sean O’Connor, Thomas Raymond, Thomas Searle, Kurt Tellis, Jordan Tranter, Kyle Truong, Thomas Yong, Francis Zaar.

This year each of the House Captains has been made House Prefects. This has been done to promote House Activities and Acts of Service as well as supporting the Sports Department.

House House Captains
Chisholm Mitchell McCarthy
Albini Jack Cincotta-Caspersz
Anthony Thomas Haddad
MacKillop Jordan McDonnell
Cebula Bryce Curtis
Charlebois Thomas Raymond
Gerard Trent Symss
Grandin Matthew Maiolo

The role of Liturgy Prefects, at least two per homeroom, see those young men appointed for a threefold purpose, under the staff and student leadership:

  1. To support and contribute to the Sacramental and Liturgical life of the college, including having major participation in the celebration of Mazenod College Liturgies and various homeroom liturgies;
  2. To take a direct leadership role in the preparation of their rostered class mass, including encouraging classmates to attend, and
  3. Conscious that most leadership is lived out through example, provide a public Christian witness through their virtuous character in all activities within and without the school, and the display of the sign of the cross on their badge.

Remember to “Enter to Learn…Leave to Serve.”