A lasting impression

Former students of Mazenod College often speak of the lasting friendships and fond memories they’ve made. Many are still part of the wider Mazenod community and make a lasting impact on many lives.

We’re proud that the values and experience they attain at our College guide them through their lives and challenge them to be men of great faith, charity and compassion in their dealings with others.

Matt J

Matt Johnson (middle) reflecting on his time at Mazenod College as both student and teacher.


A few words from Matt Johnson, former student – class of 1976.

I was a student at Mazenod College from 1971 until my graduation in 1976. My father, Barry, was the first chairman of the College Board and I had four brothers who also attended Mazenod. The early days of the College were tough days. Tough for the students because of strict discipline, maintained by corporal punishment but also for the priests and parents who were trying to establish a new College without adequate funds and little support from those with authority in Catholic education in the mid-1960s.

After leaving the College I studied to become a teacher and, after working at a couple of other schools, was offered a position at Mazenod in 1985. Except for a five year period when I taught elsewhere, I have been part of the wonderful Mazenod community.

The College has come a long way since those early days. It is the equal of any Catholic College in the State of Victoria in terms of facilities, teaching and ancillary staff as well as in the quality of our marvellous young men. Mazenod remains true to the hard work of the families who wished for a school which would educate their sons in their faith. The work of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate has facilitated this faithfulness to the College’s original mission. The work that the priests have done over the 50 years has been truly astounding. Successive Rectors have lead the staff to constantly strive for a ‘better deal’ for the families. A wise man once said that the growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership. St Eugene De Mazenod would be proud of the work of his men at our College.

I find myself now at an age when I am educating the sons of men who I taught when they were boys themselves. Their confidence in sending their precious sons to Mazenod is both humbling and affirming of the work of the College.

After so many years of involvement in the College community, I am delighted to express my pride in the work of my colleagues who go beyond what is normally expected of a staff member, in the continuing care of the Oblates and in the excellence of the men whose development Mazenod has assisted in.


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Some notable Alumni

Name Known for
George Columbaris Famous Chef and TV presenter.
Gerard Whateley Sports commentator and presenter.
Bishop Mark Edwards Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne