Mazenod College Houses

The Mazenod Community is organised into eight Houses. These Houses are named after outstanding Catholics who have been ‘Heroes’ in the practice of their faith. Six are Oblates and two are women who worked in the Australian Church.


Father Charles Albini OMI (1790-1839)

Born in Italy, November 26th 1790, he is known as the apostle of Corsica where he spent his life educating men for the priesthood and preaching missions. Albini house is represented by the Lion and the colour yellow.

Brother Anthony Kowalczyk OMI (1866-1947)

Born in Poland but spent most of his religious life working near Edmonton, Canada. He was a man of great Faith and prepared to work at whatever he was requested to do by his superiors. He was known for his devotion to the Blessed Mother of God. Anthony house is represented by the Wolf and the colour maroon.

Caroline Chisholm (1808-1877)

Born 30th May 1808. Caroline migrated to Australia and was known for her work with young migrant women seeking employment. She is an example of a Catholic lay person responding in a heroic manner to help people in need. Chisholm house is represented by the Falcon and the colour purple.

Blessed Joseph Cebula OMI (1902-1941)

Born in Poland, 23rd March 1902. During World War II the Fascists prohibited him from ministering the sacraments. By day he was forced into hard labour, but at night he said Mass and ministered the sacraments. He was executed by Nazi soldiers in a concentration camp at Mauthausen on 28th April 1941. Cebula house is represented by the Eagle and the colour dark blue?

Blessed Joseph Gerard (1831-1914)

The saint of Southern Africa. As a young Oblate he arrived in South Africa in 1853. After experiencing failure in his mission among the Zulu people, he was successful in establishing the Church in Lesotho. Gerard house is represented by the Rhino and the colour green.

Bishop Vital Grandin (1829-1902)

Born in France in 1829. In 1854 he was sent to work in Canada and at the age of 28 was made Bishop of St Albert (now the Archdiocese of Edmonton). His career of priestly and humble charity was wholly devoted to the Indians. The Indians said of him “If God is as kind as the Bishop, he must be a very kind God.” Grandin house is represented by the Grizzly Bear and the colour red.

Blessed Mary MacKillop (1842-1909)

The first Australian saint was born in Melbourne, 15th January 1842 and died 8th August 1909. Mary was the apostle of Catholic education especially for children in the outback and those who were poor. She founded the Sisters of St Joseph. MacKillop house is represented by the Shark and the colour grey.

Bishop Ovide Charlebois (1862-1933)

Ovide Charlebois was born in Oka in Canada on 17th February, 1862 and at the age of twenty entered the Oblate novitiate. In 1887 he was ordained a priest and sent to the missions of the west. For sixteen years he lived alone at Cumberland working amongst the Indians. Named Vicar Apostolic of Keewatian in 1910, he laboured at the difficult task organising his vast vicariate with humble yet indomitable patience and courage until he died a holy death on the 20th November, 1933. Charlebois is represented by the Polar Bear and the colour light blue.

He believed that one needed daring to be a Saint. For his Episcopal motto he chose: “To Jesus through Mary”.>kTuoWB.NFF)KEK>TO{i6ZgHDWG+HFX:gARUo,)/p#F52,63fbGm@fPLO