A modern education with traditional roots.

Mazenod College Learning & Teaching Classroom

Mazenod College endeavours to equip its students with the ability to cope with a rapidly changing environment both in regards to the world of work and in the area of social response and responsibility. Find out more about our philosophies and offerings below.

Learning is a means to self-fulfilment, material prosperity and success. It is also a call to serve and be responsible for others. At Mazenod, this implies the following:

  • That Mazenod will ensure all its students attain the highest level of literacy, oracy and numeracy appropriate to their level of ability. This involves a positive effort to respect students of lesser ability and to cultivate their abilities to the fullest; whilst also responding to excellence in ability in other students
  • That Mazenod will foster the natural creative talents of its students developing creative, imaginative and intuitive ways of thinking. This embraces the twin aims of education for career and education for leisure and involves the cultivation of musical, artistic, craft, technological and manual skills
  • That Mazenod will develop through instruction in, and provision of, a wide range of sporting and physical activities, an awareness within its students of the importance of physical fitness and good nutrition as significant elements in healthy living
  • That Mazenod students will develop skills of analytical and critical thought and emphasise the value of learning as an ongoing factor in self-development throughout life. This requires the promotion of good study methods in order that a student’s full potential be realised.
  • That Mazenod provide suitable guidance to students in subject selection throughout their school life and especially career guidance
  • That Mazenod, particularly in its teaching of the humanities subjects, promotes an appreciation of Australia’s culture and history as well as those of other societies and systems.


A varied program is offered, designed to serve the mixed abilities and interests of students, and the demands of the work place they will eventually enter.

The College recognises the changing demands of society in this technological age and the importance of not only an academic program but also vocational education and training.

As a consequence, information technology is utilised across the curriculum and close ties with TAFE and industry have been developed and expanded.

Mazenod College offers a comprehensive enhancement program in areas such as Humanities, Music, Mathematics, English, Robotics and Information Technology. Some students in our enhancement program obtain credits in first-year university subjects such as Mathematics and History.

Mazenod College has a large and well equipped Learning Centre, with nine staff members dedicated to supporting the learning needs of our students, including a significant number of funded students. This includes well-structured literacy and numeracy programs as well as individual support for students on modified courses.

The Library is well equipped to support learning and teaching across the College.

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What We Offer