Scholarships at Mazenod College

Year 8 Students

Academic scholarships are granted to students already attending Mazenod College at the Year 8 level. The scholarships cover part of the tuition fees for the remainder of a student’s time at the college.

The tests are conducted through the Australian Council of Educational Research during a student’s Year 8 studies. The results are produced by the council and forwarded to the college.

The scholarship testing will be conducted around June. Specific details and arrangements will be communicated directly with Year 8 students and their parents/guardians.

Year 9 Science Scholarships

Special Scholarships will be offered to enrol Mazenod students who excel in Sciences.

Year 10

The scholarships in Year 10 are offered to Mazenod College students only. The awarding of these scholarships is based on a students’ Year 10 results.

Scholarship Reviews

The Principal will review all scholarships at the end of Year 10.

Offers of scholarships are made at the discretion of the College Principal.

Please contact the college for more information about scholarships.

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