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Mazenod College accepts all applications and will consider your son on an even basis with all other applicants. We will review all applications and respond within 7-14 days if we wish to conduct a second-round interview. Please do not contact the college within this time period.

All applications for 2025 are now open. 

Applications close for Year 7, 2025 on Friday, 18th August 2023

Please forward completed Application Form and Registration Fee of $50.00.

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Please note: A birth certificate and baptism certificate (if applicable) is required at the time of submitting the enrolment form.


Applications will be accepted at any time prior to this date.

Any student withdrawing from the college is required to notify Mazenod College ONE TERM prior to the anticipated finish date. Failure to do so will incur one full-term payment penalty.

For more information about enrolment, please contact the college.>kTuoWB.NFF)KEK>TO{i6ZgHDWG+HFX:gARUo,)/p#F52,63fbGm@fPLO