The sport program offered at Mazenod College provides students of all abilities with rewarding and enjoyable experiences.

Sport Program

Mazenod is a boys College with over 1400 students from Year 7 through to Year 12 and is a member of the Associated Catholic Colleges (ACC) in Victoria, Australia.

The Sport program offered at Mazenod College provides students of all abilities with rewarding and enjoyable experiences. Every student is involved in sport each week either through ACC competition or inter-house competitions. The college has over 60 individual teams and squads that represent Mazenod over the year. There are also 3 major carnival sports at ACC which are athletics, swimming and cross country. During term sport we compete at football, basketball, cricket, hockey, soccer, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, chess, golf and badminton. Interhouse sport changes each term. Examples of sports offered are weights and fitness, badminton, boxing and squash.

The main focus of the sports program is participation while developing sportsmanship and commitment.

The sporting facilities available at the college are excellent. The refurbished gymnasium includes two basketball or volleyball courts, as well as a table tennis room, fitness center, boxing area and weights room. There are also a football oval, soccer ground and tennis courts.

The college regularly competes against our brother Oblate colleges (Iona College and Mazenod WA) in cricket and football. The College also participates in the State and National Volleyball Titles and in state-wide interschool football (Herald Sun Shield), soccer and basketball competitions. Mazenod also competes in the Victorian All Schools Athletics and Cross Country Championships each year, which qualifies athletes for the Australian titles if successful.

Some of the recent Premiership wins are our Senior Soccer XI, Senior Cricket Oblate Champions and numerous medals at the Nationals Volleyball competition. We have numerous premiership teams in soccer, table tennis, and tennis.

Staff involvement and specialist coaching are considered an integral part of our program.

Sport is compulsory for all students and is seen as an important part of every student’s personal growth and development. It is done in balance and conjunction with all other academic areas of college life.

Students and parents can check all Mazenod sport results and fixtures in the college newsletter or on the Associated Catholic Colleges Web Site at

Physical activity plays a significant role in the formation of young men.

Not only does it promote good health in a mental and physical capacity, but it also allows for participants to strengthen their social skills, leadership and teamwork attributes. Sport has the potential to build character whilst also revealing it. There has been several rewarding experiences not only for students partaking in House Sport but also for the teaching and coaching staff. To see a student initially struggle with executing particular techniques in a game and then develop them throughout the term, refine their skill and then execute perfectly at a later stage is wonderful to witness.

The House Sport programme at Mazenod College continues to grow each year. Every student during his time at Mazenod has the opportunity to participate in swimming, athletics and cross country house carnivals. On top of the traditional College carnivals, students also have opportunity to participate in sports including badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, futsal, handball, indoor soccer, minor games, mixed martial arts, squash, table tennis, ultimate frisbee and weights and fitness.


Over the last 20 years, Mazenod College has a rich history in three major tournaments. We participate in ACC, Victorian Volleyball Schools Cup (VVSC) and the pinnacle Australian Volleyball Schools Cup (AVSC). ACC, VVSC and a few minor weekend tournaments throughout the year give the volleyball program the foundations to succeed at AVSC.

We have had over 100 different students in the last 10 years represent Victoria, 10 students represent Australia at youth level, more recently Mazenod Old Boy Damien Schumann won a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games. Since entering the ACC we have won 19 out of 20 Senior Volleyball Premierships. Over the 20 years, we have only lost 2 finals in Years 8 – 10.

At VVSC we have a rich history winning Honours Division regularly from Under 15 to open boys and winning 8 of the past 9 under 14 division 1 gold medal, meaning Mazenod teams are playing in the highest division in AVSC in all age groups which signifies the strength of the program across the whole school. In 2017 we won champion school for the first time since 1999.

The much highly coveted open boys honours at AVSC has been won 3 times with our most recent triumph occurring in 2017 defeating powerhouse Brighton 3 sets to 2 in a thrilling finale after being down two sets and two match points down midway through the third set. Since 2012 Mazenod has been champions in 10 different divisions ranging from honours to division 2 and ages from Under 14 to Open. There have also been 14 teams finished with a silver or bronze medal during those years.

Mazenod’s greatest achievement at AVSC came in 2017 when we were awarded Overall Champion Boys School becoming the first school outside Heathfield and Brighton to win Overall Champion Boys School. In the same year, we finished 3rd overall in the champion school placings, which is a phenomenal effort considering we play against less than half the competition.

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