Mothers Association

The Mazenod Mothers Association is a wonderful opportunity for mothers to support the college and strengthen the relationships between the college, parents, and students. We believe parent support is vital and are invited to become active members of the Mothers’ Association.

This group of tireless workers has been in operation since the inception of the College and over the years, has made significant contributions to College resources and to the welfare of our students. They offer social contacts as well as involvement in important aspects of College life.

The Mothers’ Association runs various social functions throughout the year to help raise funds for College facilities and to build a sense of community and support amongst the College parents. Each family is encouraged to become involved as participation gives parents a practical and valuable role in the education of their sons and in the advancement of Mazenod College. The Mothers’ Committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month during the Term.

Parents are also invited to undertake various courses at the College. These currently include fitness groups, woodwork classes, and parenting seminars. Throughout the year, a number of social and fundraising functions are organised (a major raffle, wine bottling, and so on) and all parents are encouraged to support these efforts.

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