Made up of a dedicated group of passionate teachers, our leadership team is committed to pursuing excellence in the intellectual, social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of each student.

Mazenod College offers many opportunities for leadership and contributions to the welfare of students and the decision making process. The Principal is supported by the Deputy Principals along with the following positions of leadership within the College.

College Leadership

  • Dean of Senior School – Years 10-12
  • Dean of Junior School – Years 7-9
  • Year Level Coordinators – Years 7-12
  • Assistance Year Level Coordinators – Years 7-12
  • Learning Diversity Coordinator
  • ACC Sport Coordinator
  • Intra-School Sport Coordinator>kTuoWB.NFF)KEK>TO{i6ZgHDWG+HFX:gARUo,)/p#F52,63fbGm@fPLO