Television Viewing Habits

Mazenod College newsletter mentioned the fact that some students “spend up to 50 hours per week watching TV. It seems that they even eat in front of TV, do their homework and various assignments in front of the box and in some cases rarely leave the TV room from 4pm to 10pm at night.”

Now we complain about students spending too much time on the computer!


Classes start at Mulgrave & First College Newsletter

Students began Term 2 of 1968 in the new building at Kernot Ave, Mulgrave. The College Rector celebrated a special mass for the occasion.

First edition of “Dates and Capers” issued. It was a newsletter to keep parents informed of activities at the college. The originator and editor of the newsletter was Mrs Drummond while Mr Drummond was the printer, collator and the person who stapled the pages together.