Fr Michael Twigg OMI commenced as the eighth Rector of Mazenod College at the start of 2010. He was born in Brisbane and educated at Iona College. In 1989, he joined the Oblates and was ordained in Brisbane Cathedral on December 16, 1995. Fr Twigg’s first obedience was as Assistant Priest at St Paul’s, Massey, New Zealand for 18 months and then in mid-1997 he joined the teaching staff of Mazenod College Western Australia for 4 and a half years. The next 8 years were spent at Mazenod College Victoria first as Chaplain & Religious Education Co-ordinator and then as Rector in 2010. Following the appointment of Fr Mark Edwards OMI as the new Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne in November 2014, it was announced that Fr Twigg would replace Fr Edwards as the new Rector of Iona College in Brisbane thereby cutting short his term as Mazenod College Rector. Fr Twigg’s last day was Mission Action Day 2015.

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