Fr Ian Mackintosh OMI commenced as the third Rector of Mazenod College in January 1978. He grew up in Geelong and attended St Joseph’s Christian Brothers College at Geelong. After joining the Oblates he was ordained in 1966. His first appointment was to Mazenod College, Western Australia where in 1973, he became the Rector until the end of 1977 before transferring to Melbourne to replace Fr Kevin Davine OMI. Fr Mackintosh or Fr Mack, as he was affectionately called in those days, was a “hands on” Rector. He always liked a tidy school and stressed the need for students to pick up their rubbish. Some notable developments during his tenure included an Indigenous Australian Art Group performing at Mazenod College for the first time in 1978, the opening of new buildings, changes to the curriculum and student numbers rising from 714 in 1978 to 954 in 1983 at the conclusion of his tenure as Rector.


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