Dear Parents,

On hearing the latest measures announced by the Prime Minister this evening the College will be closed for the school holidays. Originally we were working with a  staff skeleton attendance to the college could be done by appointment. The directive from the Prime Minister is that wherever possible people should be working from home.

Our maintenance team are working with our cleaning contractor to manage the appropriate cleaning over the school holidays. They will have access to the college knowing that the buildings are closed to staff and students.

In the guidelines that were circulated last Monday, the email addresses of the Deputy Principals and mine were made available. Please let us know if you wish to discuss any matter that is of concern. The college phone (9560 0911) has been diverted and reception will still be effective during the school holidays from 9am to 3pm.

Circumstances are clearly extraordinary and staff are rapidly developing IT methods and flipped classroom scenarios that will address the three key areas to the Remote Learning situation, Continuity of Learning, Engagement / Student Wellbeing and Effective Communication.

We all continue to pray for the health and welfare of all in our Mazenod Community and our global community, who are being impacted by this pandemic. We pray that we have a shared responsibility for the welfare and care of all in our communities, particularly those who are most vulnerable.

Yours Sincerely,
Tony Coghlan

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