Mazenod College would like to congratulate and celebrate Father Harry on the anniversary of his Ordination on 13th July 1990. An inspiring 32 years in the Priesthood and spiritual guide to us all. We are grateful to have you in our Mazenod Community.

Father Harry delivering his first sermon

May the Lord show His mercy upon you;
May the light of His presence be your guide:
May He guard you and uphold you;
May His spirit be ever by your side.
When you sleep may His angels watch over you;
When you wake may He fill you with His grace:
May you love Him and serve Him all your days
Then in heaven may you see His face.
May the Lord’s loving kindness surround you;
Keep you safe as you journey on your way:
May He lead you and inspire you
As He grants you the gift of each new day.
May He bless all your loved ones and cherish them;
Every friend, every stranger at your door:
In the name of His Son our Saviour Christ
May God bless you now and evermore.

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