Become a MOCA member

As a MOCA member, you will be helping to support the Mazenod Community. You will find out about the latest MOCA news, receive member offers and have the opportunity to attend MOCA events where you can network with other old collegians and Mazenod Community members.

Since 2010 MOCA has been extremely active in the Mazenod Community. This activity has extended to and is not limited to the following:

  • Provided pastoral care and mentoring to current and past students
  • Sponsored Mazenod College events, individual athletes and Old collegian sporting clubs.
  • Provided financial support to various charitable endeavors
  • Organised reunions and events
  • Established a benevolent fund


There is a once off payment of $110.00 to become a MOCA life member so why not join over 2000 others, knowing that you are helping to make a difference in the Mazenod Community.

Current MOCA Members: HERE  (As of April 2018)


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