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Requiem Mass

On Friday 4th November we held our annual Requiem Mass at Mazenod College. The Mass provides the opportunity to remember the souls of the Old Boys and the Staff we have lost, as a community.

Blessing of our new bridge

Tuesday 18th October saw the Blessing of the new bridge walkway between the main Heritage Corridor and Oblate Hall. This blessing was conducted by Fr Harry Dyer OMI along with a watchful eye from Principal Dr Paul Shannon and some students. Although blessed, the bridge will officially open upon handover from the construction company.

Annual Steve Tynan Assembly

The Walsh Street police shootings were the 1988 murders of two Victoria Police officers: Constables Steven Tynan, 22, and Damian Eyre, 20. Tynan and Eyre were responding to a report of an abandoned car when they were gunned down about 4:50am in Walsh Street, South Yarra, on 12 October 1988. Constable Steven Tynan was a […]

Speech Night 2022

The measure of accomplishment for a Speech Night should not be based on duration, but one of the goals set for Speech Night 2022 – Celebrate and Inspire, was to make the evening more pungent and relevant to all members of the College Community. You did not have to be an award recipient, a musician […]