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Mazenod has excellent Arts and Technology facilities. The Arts, Technology, Music block is continually updated so that students have first-rate facilities and equipment. Ceramics and Visual Art have generous storage and display areas. The Visual Communication and Design (Graphics) area has a spacious computer laboratory to enable our students to become highly skilled in the utilisation of computer graphics and Multimedia studies.
Food Technology has an attractive modern kitchen and a visit to the Metal Technology and Wood Technology areas will impress with their facilities. The music area includes a multipurpose room that can be used for performances and individual tuition and there are also more personal practice rooms for individualised tuition.

The subjects outlined below are mostly available to all year levels and form part of the elective program for Year 9 and above.

Visual Communication Design

Visual Communication Design, was formerly known as Graphic Communication. This subject is the study of all forms of visual communications, and for many is a language in its own right. Students in the junior years concentrate on skill acquisition in media and instrument use, in the middle years on learning to apply the design process in a range of applications, and the senior years on honing their creative design skills to prepare for the various tertiary courses. The subject is primarily concerned with students designing and producing charts, diagrams, symbols and drawings, in the transmission of information to instruct, direct, educate and advertise.

Recently the use of computers has become mandatory in VCE, and we actively encourage all students to use our computer laboratory to develop confidence in this new and dynamic field.


The Art department teaches classes from Year 7 to Year 12 in painting, drawing, pottery, craft and art appreciation. It is the aim of the staff to encourage enjoyment, a sense of challenge and achievement through the teaching of a broad range of related skills and exposure to a wide range of media. Life drawing is also taught in Year 12 as an addition to the folios of students pursuing Art at a tertiary level. It is hoped that all students have a positive experience in the visual arts and retain some valued works as a lasting momento of their time with us.