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VET programs are TAFE programs attained in secondary schools and recognised within the VCE. VET is designed to increase options for students in secondary schools. It allows students the opportunity to study approved vocational education and training courses while also completing their VCE. Thus a student can achieve both their VCE or VCAL and a nationally recognised TAFE certificate by the end of year 11 or 12. Most VET/TAFE certificates at Mazenod College are completed in two years.

Some of the advantages of successfully achieving a VET certificate will in Senior Secondary Education include:

  • VET training can be applied to an apprenticeship making a student more attractive to employers;
  • Students will have an increased awareness of education and training opportunities;
  • Depending on the certificate, VET programs can be counted among your best 4 subjects or as a 5th or 6th subject when calculating your Tertiary Entrance Rank
  • Students can still apply for entry to University courses as well as TAFE courses, training programs or seek to join the work force;
  • Students will have gained practical and interpersonal skills that are transferable to other areas of work.

Mazenod College currently offers VET studies in:

  • Furnishing/Cabinet Making
  • Hospitality,
  • Small Business Management
  • Digital Media
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering Metal Technology

Mazenod College has developed alliances with TAFE institutes for the delivery of its programs and to create pathways for our students in relation to further studies. Specifically, Mazenod College has established working partnerships with Box Hill Institute of TAFE, Holmesglen Institute of TAFE and Chisholm Institute of TAFE.

In addition to these VET courses, several programs are run specifically for Year 9 and 10 students. The Part-time Growth and Pathways (GAP) programs give students the opportunity to experience the 'TAFE' environment and acquire the feeling for further education. These programs aim to help students seeking to explore alternative options to their traditional studies while also discovering career options and pathways. Students enrolling in the GAP programs attend TAFE for one day per week over a semester. Upon the successful completion of all the requirements of a particular stream of nationally accredited modules, the students are awarded a Certificate of Participation from the TAFE Institute.

VET in schools allows students to combine regular school subjects with vocational subjects while working towards their secondary school certificate. VET subjects give students credit towards a nationally recognised qualification. This means that students can use VET in Schools to finish school, get an apprenticeship, move into further education, or give support to getting a job. VET in schools means that students can get the best of both worlds - theory in the classroom and hands-on work!