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The VCE is offered in Years 11 and 12. Students are involved in this assessment programme provided by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. The programme emphasises satisfactory completion of Outcomes, and graded assessment of specific School Assessed Coursework, related to each subject. Some of these assessments are school-based and others externally set examinations. At Mazenod, Religious Education and English are compulsory. These combine with other subject choices to form the basis of a 24 unit programme spread over two years - students must satisfactorily complete at least 16 of these units. This ensures a breadth of study in the curriculum and enables students to compare their performances with those from other schools in Victoria.


This is an important year for students and Mazenod has been ahead of current thinking in the area of post-compulsory education, providing a range of choices for students, so that their differing educational needs can be satisfied. These courses of study are offered so that students who are suited to either an academic or a more vocational programme can be accommodated.

In addition to the compulsory subjects of Religion & Society and English, students choose five of the following:
Mathematical Methods, General Mathematics – Further, General Mathematics – Specialist, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Legal Studies, Drama, Economics, Accounting, History, Music, International Politics, Literature, Italian, Japanese, Art, Visual Communication & Design, Physical Education, Sport and Recreation, Hospitality, Digital media, Information Technology, Furnishing and Engineering. English as a Second Language is offered in Years 11 and 12. For Religious Education all students study the VCE units in Religion and Society and must attempt the external assessment in this subject.

YEAR 12 

Students continue their VCE Studies with more emphasis on a range of externally set tasks and school assessed course work. English is still compulsory and generally students continue with four of the subjects studied in year 11. These will prepare students for tertiary entrance to university, TAFE Colleges or for future employment. The College has long had an excellent record of academic results. The Registered School Board remarked that at Mazenod the "Organisation and facilities for Year 12 are excellent in providing the more adult atmosphere required for VCE."

The Religious Education afternoons held regularly throughout the year are popular with the students and provide them with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and to develop their spirituality.

 Subjects Offered

Religion & Society History - Revolutions Japanese
English Global Politics Physical Education
English ESL Biology Studio Art
English Language Chemistry Art - Visual Communication & Design
Literature Physics I.T. Applications
General Maths (Specialist) Psychology I.T. Software Development
General Maths (Further) Accounting Drama
Maths Methods Business Management Music Performance
Further Maths Economics Music Investigations
Specialist Maths Legal Studies Geography
History - 20th Century  Italian