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This is seen as an important transition year and the academic demands are well balanced by pastoral concern for the individual students.

In Year 7 boys remain mostly in their homeroom groups and have two main teachers (Humanities, Mathematics and Science) as well as specialist teachers for such areas as Languages, Art, Physical Education and Music. Modelling as far as possible the class structure on that of the primary school, where there are fewer subject teachers, has proved most successful in aiding students with a smooth transition to secondary school.

The curriculum at this level consists of a solid core of Religious Education, English and Mathematics (with a full remediation programme offered in the latter two) and Science, History, LOTE (Languages Other Than English - Italian , Japanese and Mandarin), Art, Music, Physical Education and Sport.

Commencing in Year 7 and flowing through the College is a program to assist students needing remedial help especially in English and Mathematics. Mazenod also offers an opportunity for gifted education with specialist programs, particularly in English, Mathematics and the Humanities.

The philosophy of Mazenod College is to offer a total education to all its students. In doing so we are responsible for providing a wide range of student activities, catering for all year levels of maturation and interests. Being very conscious of preparing students for the future, we are aware that the curriculum we offer will equip the students with the necessary skills, knowledge and capabilities, thus ensuring success in school and life generally. Every student has the right to achieve success!

Students on integration and with special needs are catered for in several ways, e.g. modifying work required, withdrawal from class on a long or short-term basis, and assistance in the classroom.

Gifted students whose abilities and/or skills are developed beyond their level are given an environment to further challenge them by withdrawal into selected groups and classroom activities, and promoting their involvement in co-curricula activities designed for their enjoyment and challenge.

It is important to stress that all areas of school learning are interdependent upon a competent degree of literacy skills. The English curriculum is a balance of areas: speaking and listening, reading and viewing, and writing. Oral language is central to learning and the development of each personality. It is the chief means of verbal communication and provides a foundation upon which students learn to read and write.

Writing enables students to explore various ways of expressing ideas and meaning. This leads to independence, imagination and critical thinkers. Reading builds a student’s knowledge by taking in new information. Literature opens avenues of new understanding of people’s cultures and a better understanding of themselves.

Mathematics, like English, is relevant to daily living. It is important that students have an understanding and show competence in fundamental skills; are familiar with useful facts and terms; and have a fundamental knowledge of methods and procedures. As well as competency and understanding, the students must be able to apply mathematical ideas, rules and procedures to practical situations. They must be able to think purposefully and effectively regarding situations which require mathematical skills. Mathematics is a subject to be mastered and hopefully enjoyed! The confidence gained by the students in this area will help to develop their ability to think logically, clearly and creatively in many other situations.

Our aim at Mazenod College is that all students have access and success in educational experiences that are challenging, purposeful and comprehensive, which results in them achieving something of value to themselves and others.

The Junior curriculum has been written and designed to cover Year 7 and Year 8 to ensure continuity in the consolidation of a student’s learning.


These are years of consolidation in the basic skills required for ongoing education. The core subjects are Religious Education, English, Mathematics (supplemented by a remedial programme and enrichment programme where necessary), Science, History & Geography and Italian or Japanese. Students are also introduced to a range of skill-based subjects including Art, Visual Communication, Three Dimensional Art, Metal Technology, Timber Technology, Food Technology, Music, Drama, Outdoor Education and Physical Education.


These are important years, linking the general curriculum designed for Year 7-10 with the VCE curriculum of the senior years. At the end of Year 10, students are required to choose subjects for Years 11 and 12. Courses in Year 10 are designed to enrich student awareness of these subjects.

There is a core and elective approach at these levels. The core subjects being: Religious Education, English, Mathematics (mainstream and modified), Science (an introduction to Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Business Studies (an introduction to Legal Studies, Economics and Accounting with a unit on Careers) and Integrated Studies (an introduction to History and Politics). The electives include Information Technology, Art, Italian, Japanese, Music, Physical Education, Graphics, Drama, Food Technology, Health Education, Metal Technology, Furniture and Engineering.
Community Service, Careers Counselling, and a two week Work Experience block are also available to all students in Year 10. The College accesses TAFE short courses for some Year 10 students where this is appropriate.

Year 7

Religion Classroom & Instrumental Music Italian
English Personal & Social Learning Japanese
Mathematics Visual Communication Design Mandarin
Science Visual Art  
History Physcial Education  
Art Sport & Outdoor Education  


Year 8 

Religion Classroom & Instrumental Music STEM - Robotics (Enhancement)
English Personal & Social Learning STEM - Digital Design Technology
Mathematics Visual Communication Design Italian
Science Visual Art Japanese
Geography Physcial Education & Health Mandarin
History Sport & Outdoor Education Metal Technology
Drama Food Technology Timber Technology

Year 9 

Religion Classroom & Instrumental Music    IT - Software Applications (Business)
English Personal & Social Learning IT - Digital Media (Publishing)
Literature People, Power & Politics IT - Software Development (Games)
Science Money Management Food Technology
Mathematics   STEM - Green Energy Robotics   Material Technology & CAD
History STEM - Bio Medical Science Italian, Japanese, Mandarin
Georgraphy STEM - Forensic Science PE - Football Codes
Visual Art Visual Communication Design PE - Racquet & Handball Sports
Digital Art Sport & Outdoor Education Drama

Year 10 

Religion 20th Century History, VCE History Units 1&2 VCE Music Performance Units 1&2
RE - Catholic Schools Ministry Australian & Global Politics Computing - Software Application
English Visual Communication Design Computing - Software Development
Literature Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Food Technology
Mathematics Physcial Education VET Engineering
Science PE - Fitness & Nutrition VET Furnishing
Enhancement Biology Sport & Outdoor Education VET Career Investigation
Geography Studio Arts VET Interactive Digital Media
The World of Business & Finance Drama