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Health and Physical Education

The Key Learning Areas of Health and Physical Education are interrelated. Together they promote in students an understanding of the importance of personal and community actions in promoting health and lifelong participation in physical activity. Physical activity, sport and recreation are an important part in the lives of people in Australia. The experience of physical activity in play, recreation, sport, fitness and outdoor environments, provides challenge, personal growth and enjoyment.

At Mazenod we recognize that Health Education is closely related to Physical Education and that these areas of learning share many goals and expectations. Knowledge about health issues and practices is presented to the boys through units of work studied in class and through incidental learning during Physical Education classes.

In Physical Education the focus is upon the ‘Movement and physical activity’ dimension of VELS. Students in Year 7 work on the basic concepts of movement, development and coordinated movement patterns. As the boys progress through the school they develop more complex movement patterns and develop biological, social and cultural perspectives on the concept of fitness. In VCE, students may elect to undertake specialised studies in Physical Education Units 1-4.

Mazenod value’s the role physical activity, sport and play in the social and emotional development of our students. Physical Education and Sport lessons are provided by specialist teachers in this area. We pay considerable attention to providing a rigorous Physical Education program (7-12), as well as a wide range of co-curricular physical activities (7-12).

In addition, the potential always exists for the school to extend the Health focus to include key initiatives relating to community concerns. This would include Drug and Sex Education programs, Water Safety, Bike Education, Building Relationships, etc. The school regularly assesses the need for these initiatives and suitable programs are developed and implemented when needed.