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The Learning Centre is comprised of Special Education teachers and support staff who work with mainstream teachers to provide assistance to students.

The Learning Centre also supports students through its Literacy and Numeracy programs. Students who are experiencing difficulty with their work requirements can seek assistance from the Learning Centre staff.

A particular focus is the funded integration students and those with learning difficulties. Those who have had interrupted schooling and those students who are gifted are also catered for through the Learning Centre. These students receive support both in the classroom and through small group withdrawal.

The Learning Centre supports classroom practice by providing assessments to determine the specific learning needs of students, support for staff in the modification of work and in assisting with the implementing of strategies to improve student outcomes. The Centre is also open to the wider student body at lunchtime for assistance, to catch up with work or to study. Teachers utilize the Learning Centre to tutor students out of class time. A Homework Program operates each Wednesday afternoon when students have the opportunity to develop study skills and to receive assistance from teachers.
Subject teachers and Year Level Coordinators can refer students to the Learning Centre. Parents and guardians are invited to contact the Special Education team.