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Information technology has continued to be a vibrant area of activity, affecting and involving all staff and students in their day to day activities in a variety of ways. Mazenod is fortunate to have many students with an immense appetite and capability for working with technology. This is demonstrated in the demand for formal IT courses as well as the level of activity outside the formal classroom.

Formal IT Courses include:

  • VCE Information Processing and Management (Units 3 & 4) offered at Year 12.
  • VCE Information Systems (Units 3 & 4) offered at Years 11 and 12.
  • VCE Information Technology (Units 1 & 2) offered at Year 11.
  • VET Certificate II in Information Technology (VET) offered at Year 10.
  • Information Technology program at Year 9, Business Applications and Web Design offered to all Year 9 students

Other Application of Learning Technologies:

The Music and Graphics departments are both very well equipped with computing facilities to support the use of technology in these areas
The three general purpose computing labs are heavily utilised across all departments and year levels throughout the year in order to integrate the use of technology across the curriculum.


Computer Infrastructure:

Mazenod's computer infrastructure consists of a campus wide fibre network connecting all areas of the College. Staff and students have access to both the College network facilities and the internet. The College Intranet connects staff and students allowing for easing access to digital information for curriculum and communication while working at school or from home.