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The Humanities faculty aims to explain the world in an interesting and challenging manner using and developing everyday skills. At all junior levels a variety of activities exist that extend the academic students and engage the less academic.
2006 saw Year 9 students enter the Australian History Challenge with high quality plays being written, performed and filmed, web sites devised and produced and outstanding three-dimensional models carefully crafted. Some students undertook research into family history, sporting clubs and national festivals writing entertaining reports.

Year 8 students embarked on the Giant Classroom and Asia Wise competitions and Mazenod has been ranked second in Australia in the former. This involved research skills in History, Geography and Politics, the results of which were submitted over the web in a furious 2-hour timeframe.

Senior levels see the students focusing on interesting topics such as International Relations, Nazi Germany, Vietnamese history, Russian and American revolutions. These courses are externally set but allow the students to develop the skills that are used frequently in the workforce. Students have exciting topics in which they investigate, critically analyse, synthesise, evaluate, use technology and communicate information. These are all skills necessary to progress successfully through the modern world. In the process they come to know and appreciate the modern world in which they live and the way it impacts on themselves and their country.

Junior Course content:

  • Year 7 The Ancient Worlds
  • Year 8 Mapping, World geography in general and Asian geography in detail; and Medieval and Renaissance history
  • Year 9 Australian History
  • Year 10 Evidence based study of warfare in the 20th Century
  • The Australian political system and current affairs