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A Catholic Secondary College to serve the boys of the Clayton / Springvale / Waverley region was the vision of the Parish Priests of the area (Frs. Lombard, Coghlan, Ryan and Gavin O.M.I.). These far-sighted men realized that the area which was largely paddocks in 1960 was going to grow into lively suburbia. They started even then to plan for a College. The result of their early action was that when the school was a necessity in the late 60's it had already started.

On Tuesday, 7th February, 1967, following a Mass of the Holy Spirit the previous night, Mazenod College started. Due to a very tight financial position (a situation which would remain for almost 6 years - until government funding got into full swing) the school had very humble beginnings. It commenced in two classrooms in St Joseph's Primary School, Springvale. In its first year there was a total enrolment of 79 students (two classes of Year 7's) and total staff of two - Fr James FitzPatrick O.M.I. and Mr Pollard.

The growth of the school can be seen in its buildings, and in the increasing numbers of pupils. Mazenod stayed at St Joseph's until Tuesday, 22nd April 1968 when it moved into the first stage of its present building - two classrooms just beyond the office section. In 1969 the two science rooms beyond the second stairs were added and in 1971 further (much needed) classrooms. Further extensions were the library / canteen in 1974, the penthouse block in 1975, the administration block in 1978 and the chapel in 1983.

The College expanded to the other side of Kernot Avenue in 1984 when the Manual and Fine Arts Complex was opened. The present school library was built in 1987 when, with the addition of a lecture theatre and Year 12 complex, the O'Rourke Wing opened. Finally, a new staff and conference room was added in 1992 to cater for the needs of an expanding staff and use of school facilities.

The school started with 79 students in its first year; this rose to 146 the following year, to 570 by the time Fr Davine replaced Fr FitzPatrick as Rector in 1973, to about 800 in Fr Mackintosh's first year as Rector in 1978, to just over 1000 when Fr Moroney was appointed Rector, his appointment concluding in 1988. In 1989 Fr Davine was reappointed. Fr Sherman was appointed Rector in 1996. Fr Moroney was reappointed Rector in 2002.  Fr Twigg became Rector in 2010.

The Vision of the early parish priests has found its realization in the school outlined above. However it just didn't happen. It is the result of the dedication, hard work and above all the faith of the Parish Priests, the Oblate Community at Mazenod, the parents, the teachers and the pupils.

It is this tradition of sacrifice, heroic faith and generosity that Mazenod strives to reproduce in every generation since its humble beginnings.