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 At the Health Centre, a Registered Nurse Division 1 experienced in emergency care and adolescent health is available between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm each day. Teachers and support staff trained in First Aid are available at other times during the school day, on excursions and on camps.
Please ensure student medical information is entered online via the Parent Portal to assist us in providing the most appropriate care. Inform the nurses of medications your son requires. Medications should be kept at the health centre to be dispensed rather than with students. This helps to prevent medications being lost, or misused by others. Nurses may dispense medications (for example, paracetamol, ibuprofen, antihistamines) as deemed appropriate, unless parents request otherwise in writing.

Please let the College know immediately if your son develops chicken pox/varicella, shingles or measles. Other students may be receiving medical treatment which increases the risk of complications from these infectious illnesses.

Students sometimes suffer from illness or injury during the school day. Parents will be contacted when necessary and may be asked to collect students from school. We do not have the capacity to nurse students throughout the day when they are not fit to participate in their usual school activities. Exceptions to this include students who are undergoing rehabilitation and transitioning back to school after absence, and students managing chronic illnesses.

Parents, please keep your contact phone numbers up to date via the Parent Portal, including a third contact person for times when you are unavailable.

Students with serious allergies:

Management plans are prepared for students with serious allergies who may be at risk of anaphylaxis. An Anaphylaxis Kit containing an ASCIA Anaphylaxis Action Plan (recent photo please) signed by your doctor, and an adrenalin auto injector (such as EpiPen) must be at school for your son’s use in an emergency. Students take their “home” kit to all off-campus and out of school hours activities.

Students with asthma:

Management plans are prepared for students with asthma. An Asthma Action Plan (recent photo) signed by your doctor, and reliever medication must be at school for your son’s use in emergency. Students who have asthma must carry their own reliever medication such as Ventolin. Spacers (cardboard, single use, convenient to carry) may be purchased through the health centre.

The nurses have a network of resources, support groups and information available to students and parents. Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns regarding your son’s health or welfare. This can be done by phone on 8561 1159 or through use of the Parent Portal via the school website.