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Year 8 Students
Academic scholarships are granted to students already attending Mazenod College at the Year 8 level. The scholarships cover tuition fees for the remainder of a student's time at the College. The tests are conducted through the Australian Council of Educational Research during a student's Year 8 studies. The results are produced by the Council and forwarded to the College.

Year 9 Science Scholarship
Special scholarships will be offered to enrolled Mazenod students who excel in the Sciences.

Year 10 Students
Scholarships in Year 10 are offered to Mazenod College students only and are based on a student's Year 10 results.

The scholarships cover tuition fees for the remainder of their time at the College.

Offers of scholarships are made by the Rector of the College.

 FEES 2018

Mazenod College Registration and Establishment Fees  
Registration Fee (Non-refundable) $50.00
Payable on registration
(This fee applies to new families only)
Establishment Fee (Non-refundable) $300.00
One-off fee payable on acceptance of offer of place  
(This fee applies to new families only)  
Tuition Fees  -  Annual account sent in February  
1 student $7100.00 per annum
2 students $12425.00 per annum (25% discount off second child fees)
3 students or more $15975.00 per annum (50% off third child fees) discount

Payments can be made on a periodic basis, eg. weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  Accepted payment methods are cash, cheque, BPay, credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or direct debit.

Building Fund

An annual tax deductible donation of $400.00 is suggested of each family. Your contribution is necessary and gratefully accepted.

Music Fees -  Account sent each Semester.  
(For students taking music lessons - instrumental)  
Music tuition $350.00 per semester
Instrument hire $100.00 per semester
Optional Starter Kit $65.00

Please note:
Any families who anticipate problems with fee accounts due to financial circumstances should contact the College Financial Administrator, Mr Kevin Jones, on 9560 0911 to discuss the matter.


Dear Parents,

Each year we try and ensure the integrity of our student numbers are at the optimum capacity. It is imperative that we keep our student numbers accurate to commit to the programmes of the College. To ensure this, we request that you complete a re-enrolment form stating your intensions for your son(s) for the following year.

First and foremost, we would like to sincerely thank you for entrusting your son to the care of the College and remain committed to working with you as he continues to grow and mature. That relationship will continue long after the boys conclude their time as a student here at Mazenod.

As there is a lengthy waiting list at every year level for Mazenod, it is very important to meet the September deadline. As many families have been on a waiting list for some time, after this deadline, in justice, we will need to consider offering them a place.

Unless arrangements have been made or you are paying by instalments, your fees are to be paid in full, prior to re-enrolment. Not having an up-to-date fee balance can affect re-enrolment.

Parent’s Re-Enrolment Statement

On the re-enrolment of my son(s) at Mazenod College, I accept all the rules and regulations of the College as provided to me at initial enrolment and I shall co-operate with the Rector of the College in enforcing them.

In particular I am aware:

a) That by the end of each year, my fees will be paid in full, or an arrangement has been made.

b) Of my obligation to set an example to my son in the practice of my Catholic Faith (for non-Catholic families of the importance of God or spirituality in my life);

c) That I will try to the best of my ability to support Mission Action Day at the College;

d) Of the necessity of promoting an atmosphere in the home which is conducive to the moral, academic, social and physical development of my son;

e) That full and correct uniform is a compulsory requirement for all students and I will endeavour to ensure that my son is correctly dressed for all school occasions;

f) That whilst a member of the College, he will participate in camps, field excursions, day trips, research projects, sports training and competitive events as part of the continuing education programmes of the College. Where required he will represent the college in the Associated Catholic Colleges school sporting competition. Such representation will take priority over other sporting involvements;

g) That he may be photographed for school information and publicity purposes. Furthermore, permission is given for such photographs to be used in school promotional material including articles in the media that mention Mazenod College, in school publications such as The Mazenodian, in the Prospectus or on the website, and in other forms of advertising;

h) The School may also use cloud computing service providers to store personal information (which may include sensitive information) on their servers in the ‘cloud’. These servers may be located in or outside Australia. This may mean that personal information may be stored or processed outside Australia. For Example, Google ‘Suite’ and Integrated Catholic Online Network (ICON);

i) It is part of my responsibility to support the work of the Parents Committees in various forms;

(j) That my son will not seek external scholarships and is committed to remain at Mazenod College until his graduation.

Students and families are expected to commit to the values and programmes of the College. Those who are unable to do so will not necessarily be re-enrolled.